Save The Manatee Club by The Lifestyle Daily

Today is one of the best days of the year.

No, it’s not my birthday or Christmas or some other well-known holiday.

It’s Manatee Appreciation Day! A.k.a. the day we all celebrate the majestic sea cow & Save the Manatee!

The blog is all about lifestyle, beachy vibes, and raising awareness (jn a fun way of course). So it wouldn’t make any sense at all if I were to completely ignore of my favorite sea creatures and not share how we can help save them and why they are just so amazing (aside from being the cutest ever).

Ok, so manatees are on the endangered species list and there’s quite a few things that peeps can start doing to get them back into the safe numbers zone.

When record-keeping began in 1974, the numbers show that more than 41% of manatee deaths were human-related, when the cause could be identified – and almost 34% were due to watercraft collisions (the largest known cause of manatee deaths). { Source via }

According to this source:

“Coastal development has damaged their habitat and reduced access to the natural warm water springs the animals need to survive. Collisions with boats kill scores every year. Pollution-fed algae blooms known as red tides poison them and smother the sea grass beds that constitute their main food source.”

Luckily, there’s an amazing group of activists, at doing all they can to keep certain protection laws in place, get new laws passed, and save these gorgeous animals.
It’s insanely important that everyone do their part to increase awareness, education, regulations, and enforcement, so that manatee deaths caused by humans could be reduced, and the species recovered.

Founded in 1981 by former Florida Governor U.S. Senator, Bob Graham and THE Jimmy Buffet, The Manatee Club is now the world’s leading manatee conservation organization.

And I gotta say- they are doing a kick ass job. Check out this page to see all the things they’ve accomplished.

Alright, now is the time to chat about HOW you can help:

You can volunteer, ADOPT A MANATEE (yes, I’ll be the proud sea cow mom of 10), donate, or sign up for their newsletter so you can stay up to date and be notified of petitions that need your signature in order to protect their habitats.

Ok, does anyone else love these animals as much as me?? Who else is trying to Save The Manatee??

Chat soon and Happy #ManateeAppreciationDay !

xo, Ashlee