It’s Monday, it’s the last week of November, and it’s time to make shit happen.

I saw this quote on Pinterest and knew that it had to be the first post in the “re-launch” of the Mini Vibes series.

Lately, I have been feeling crazy defeated and just wondering where my life was going, and if I could even succeed as an entrepreneur/blogger.


After a day of wallowing in self pity & a mini cry session, I snapped out of it, got it together, and had the fire under under my ass reignited.

We are all full of magic, confidence, and the ability to make whatever we want in our lives, actually happen. We just have to believe that that magic is in there & that we can do anything.

Here are a few tips to once again, believe in your own magic:


  1. Take a step back. It’s ok to put whatever project or job you’re doing on hold for a few hours or even a day, so you can collect your thoughts, indulge in a ton of chocolate, and come back refreshed. I took a day to cry and feel sorry for myself, read a book, and like magic, that night I had 30 new ideas pop into my head & felt like I could conquer the world.
  2. Journal or mediate. This is one of my favorite ways to get rid of those icky negative thoughts. Write those self-doubts & feelings of “blah”, down. Get them all out, then crumble that paper up, and throw it out.
    Meditation is also amazing for clearing your head. I still use a guided meditation app on my phone, but even just sitting for 5-10 minutes and listening to what the guide is saying, seriously helps.
  3. RELAX. Grab some bath salts & scrub, take a bubble bath, light some candles, grab your favorite book, and just relax.
  4. Believe. If you don’t feel like you can do something, tell yourself you can. Yell it out loud, say it with confidence, and really feel it when you say it.

Alright, babes- what other tips do you have?

♥ Ashlee