Don't let someone steal your shine

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Don’t Ever Let Someone Steal Your Shine

Ok, so if I’m being honest before I dive into this post- I kinda think the title is a littttttle cheesy, but it suits the theme of the post, and my mind is a little creatively shot at the moment, so we’re rolling with it.

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, we can begin.

This post is coming at a time when I feel like I really need to use the blog to just kind of vent? And share because I know 1892731027 of you have felt/are feeling the same way I am, so we can all relate and move past this little rough patch together.

There’s definitely been a lot of times when someone else has made me feel “less than” over the last few years- boyfriends, bosses, friends.. And every time I finally get my good vibe mojo back, I am so mad at myself that I even allowed them to make feel the way they did.

Like, I’m sorry- but why do you get to have so much control over how happy I am that day?

I know, I know, in the moment, it’s extremely hard to not feel defeated. Trust me, that’s been my mood the last few weeks.
But, it’s just so “bleh” even sort-of allowing someone to not only affect your mood like that, but to also make you feel like you aren’t good enough/successful/worthy.

Because at the end of the day, the problem actually lies with the person making you feel like that. Not with you.

Remember that.

I’ve been busting my ass both alone and with a good friend of mine for the last few months to create businesses that will not only allow me to do something I love every day, but will give me the freedom to  be my own boss.

No more working with or for people who don’t appreciate me and my efforts, no more “10 vacay days a year” that limit trips I can take, or the sick days I’m allowed.

Just me. Creating, inspiring, and enjoying doing whatever it is I’m passionate about that week. (I only say “that week” because I legit have 4 different things I’m working on.
Yes, I just used # in a sentence! *insert cringe emoji*

I guess the main point of this post, is that you should always use that icky feeling someone gives you to fuel your fire and figure out something else to do that makes you feel happy and alive.

Hate your job? Look for something else that fits your vibe. Trust me- there are so many badass bosses creating businesses that need amazing people like you. I hope to one day expand The Lifestyle Daily brand and hire some amazing people, and I’m specifically going to look for the chicks like me- those who have been shit on by their psycho bosses, want to work in an environment where they feel safe and not like they’re losing their job tomorrow.. And just want to LOVE what they do everyday. Oh, and they HAVE to have a dog. Because I totally envision an office with 12763891 dogs around, my 3 included!

Have a boyfriend who sucks ass- ditch him! You’ll find someone else who appreciates you.

Toxic friends? Drop them!

When you keep yourself in a negative environment or situation, you’re really only hurting yourself because you’re A. wasting a shitload of time, & B. Depriving yourself of being happy!

And why on one Earth would you ever want to do that??

Kick all that negative crap to the curbbbbbb. Like, yesterday.

And if you can’t bring yourself to do any of the above just yet, write about it! Journal, blog, use a napkin if you’re sitting alone a coffee job (or bar- no judgment), but get those nasty feelings out of your system and remind yourself how truly fucking awesome you are.

Seriously- I feel loads better just writing this post.

What are you struggling with right now? Share below! I’d love to help!

Xoxo, Ashlee