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Raise your hand if you’re excited is FRI-nally Friday!

What does everyone have planned this weekend?? We’ll be heading out to watch the Patriots play the Panthers tonight (totally a Patriots fan by default, this chick still loves the Chargers), hang out with family, and just R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G.

Oh, and duh, I’ll be setting intentions, and getting ready for the magic the Full Moon is bringing Sunday. If you follow me on the gram, you know I am very much into crystals, tarot cards, and all that other good ju-ju stuff.

My fiancè thinks I’m nuts, but I whatevs.

Moving on, this post is all about how insanely amazing the Full Moon Sunday will be. If you’ve been feeling “off” or just kinda out of it and doubting where your life is going, do not fret! This moon is about to bring clarity, creativity, and a lotta love into your life.

Here’s a little recap of the Summer- basically every single planet was in retrograde, and as I’m sure everyone hears- Mercury is the biggest pain in the ass when he’s in retrograde. Luckily, he fully rights himself Sunday, so be prepared to finally have fresh insight and release any doubt or negative energy you’ve had. Now is the time to travel, start a new project, launch that business you’ve been thinking about forever, and seriously practice some self-love.

Here’s how to take full advantage:

+ Set Your Intentions At Night- Before you go to bed, light some candles, get your diffuser going with your fave oils, relax, and get your notebook out. Write down everything you’re grateful for, what’s no longer bringing good vibes into your life, and what you want to achieve. The Universe can work its magic while you snooze.
Intention example: ‘While I sleep, please remove any obstacles that stop me from being fully in love with myself and the world”.

| Source via The Moon Deck |

+ Get Your Ideas Flowing- Now is the time to FINALLY make the steps towards starting that business you’ve putting off, traveling to an amazing destination, or handling that project at work. The creative juices are going to start flowing after Sunday!

+ End Each Day With Gratitude- It’s amazing to start your day with gratitude, but don’t forget to end with gratitude too! Write down things that made your day the best and be thankful!

+Sage- Get rid of the bad energy to make room for the good by saging (smudging (?) I never know which to say) your house. it’s great to cleanse at least once a month.

Ok, I gotta run, but, let me know below if you’ll be doing any Full Moon rituals below!

xo, Ashlee