Giving Tuesday: Charities supporting animals and ocean conservancy

Hi hi!

Coming at you live, completely hopped up on DayQuil, because I have managed to come down with a nasty cold, TWO days before I leave for San Diego. I mean…. does the Universe hate me or what?

Anywho, it’s GIVING TUESDAY and I cannot wait to share all my favorite organizations, doing their part for the planet and animals with you. You guys know what a pyscho I am about saving the world, so here we go.

  1. Zero Waste Kit: They’re still in the launching phase of their company, but you can pre-purchase a kit, by donating to their kickstarter program. The Zero Waste Kit is an amazing way to tell those around you, using single use plastic & murdering sea animals, that “hey, ya gotta change your lifestyle and use less waste”, in a nice way.

    Here’s what you get: 

    Giving Tuesday: Charities supporting animals and ocean conservancy

  2. 4Ocean: I LOVE LOVE 4Ocean. They sell these amazing bracelets and even have a monthly subscription service so you can receive one bracelet per month that benefits a certain sea animal. With every purchase, they clean 1 pound of trash from our oceans. Ahhhhmazing. So, give one of their bracelets or the monthly service to a friend for Christmas, and know that you’re helping clean the oceans at the same time.
  3. Ocean Conservancy: Ok, so these peeps are working hard to protect our blue oceans from global threats. Their group has several programs that benefit the oceans: ocean climate, confronting ocean acidification, government relations, protecting the arctic, restoring the Gulf of Mexico, smart ocean planning, sustainable fisheries, trash free seas.
  4. GG Conservation: This place is working magic saving lions. Their conservation houses more than 70 lions, all free to roam where they please. Best part? You can book a room in the Lion House, located on the property so you can view the lions & gorgeous sunsets. All the booking fees go to rescuing lions and caring for the ones living on the GG Conservation. Consider making a donation so they can continue preserving this magical beasts.
  5. Animal Hope & Wellness: As you know, California recently experienced some extremely devastating wildfires. Animal Hope & Wellness, along with several other local shelters, stepped up and rescued hundreds of animals and wildlife. Send them a little donation so they can care for those animals and continue rescuing more!
  6. The Perfect World Foundation: TPW Foundation was started in 2010 to help raise awareness, funding, and take action and collaborate with animal and nature conservation groups. Their foundation is seriously helping to change the planet in a big & positive way!

I could literally go on and on with more places to support, but this post would go on forever.
Obviously, these are organizations supporting causes I’m passionate about, but get behind businesses and non-profits that are doing big things to create change.

Let me know below who else I need to check out and donate to!

xo, Ashlee