How To Have An Eco Friendly Christmas


What’s up?? How has everyone been? Who’s ready for the holidays? 

I definitely am- I’m currently watching Christmas movies & watching the snow fall outside. Love itttt. And, because it’s so festive outside, I figured I would finally put this post together. 

So, here we go! 

As everyone (almost everyone?) knows, I am very much into the planet and basically love yelling at people to stop using plastic or recycle, or stop wasting water & electricity.

It’s just become my thing and if I can convince peeps to make even one small change, I’m a happy chick. 

Crazy fact: we create over 30% more waste during Christmas (omg omg omg), and it’s all waste that really is just not necessary- wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, Christmas cards… I mean. It’s insane. All that shit adds up to an extra 5 bags of trash, per the average household. 

*Insert cringe emoji face*

This source states:

“Overall recycling rates are increasing, but so is our population. Countries around the world are generating large amounts of waste as their populations grow and their economies expand. According to a recent analysis by eCO2 Greetings, the amount of waste generated by urban residents is estimated to have nearly doubled from 1.4 pounds per person per day 10 years ago to 2.6 pounds in 2016.

On a yearly basis, humans worldwide have gone from generating 750 tons of waste to 1.5 billion tons in just a decade.”

Just think of those stats increasing by 30%, just for a few weeks of Holiday cheer. 

No no no. So of course I’m giving everyone ways to go a little greener this month, so we can protect our big blue planet.

How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas

  1. Buy eco-friendly wrapping paper. I did an entire post on one of my fave companies here. They have the cutest paper (currently obsessing over the Llama print this year), and even ribbons. All good for the planet, all recycled & recyclable. It’s a no brainer that you should swap the crap from Target for this. (Unless you hate the planet of course). They’re also currently having a sale, so snag your paper now. 
  2. Purchase from green companies for gifts. I’ll be doing a whole “Green a Gift Guide” this week, but do your research before gifting! So many companies offer gifts that are good for the environment and create them in an eco-friendly way too. Skip the huge chains this season, and shop local- we gotta support the companies making a positive impact!
  3. Bake and cook without the tin foil, use tupperware & reusable wraps, and refurbish those old spaghetti jars to create cute & fun “cookie jars”. 


We only get one planet, peeps! We need to start making conscious choices to do better and give the planet the love it deserves. 

How will you be going green this holiday season??

xx, Ashlee