Basic Invite x Custom Holiday Cards

Basic Invite x Custom Holiday Cards

This time of year is definitely one of my faves.

I love decorating, playing Christmas music 24/7, watching Christmas movies, & drinking about 1000 pounds of hot cocoa..

But of course, to get the most magical holiday started- you have to prep: getting the decor down from the attic, shopping for gifts, wrapping them (using eco-friendly wrapping paper)…

But I feel like what really kicks off the season and makes its officially Christmas, is when you create and send out holiday cards.

To be honest, I actually like getting Christmas cards because it’s the only time of year when I’m consistently getting something other than junk mail or bills.

This is our first year sending out cards (figured it was time), so I was super excited to team up with Basic Invite to help me from start to finish, and create something personal and very much my “vibe”.

Basic Invite x Custom Holiday Cards

Being the typical Gemini I am, I couldn’t pick just one card to go with. (With 250 designs and unlimited colors, I was basically wanting to order one of everything in multiple colors). And, I kid you not, after seeing the holiday party invitation templates , I seriously considered throwing a party just so I could send a “Christmas Party” invite out).

But, I got control of myself and decided on just two holiday card : a very festive Merry Christmas card, and a simple, yet chic, Happy holidays card.

And would you like to know the best part? My shitty, 3rd grade-like handwriting didn’t even have to go anywhere near the envelopes. Basic Invite will address each envelope for you. When my family sees these they’re going to wonder what kind of alien kidnapped me and took my place.

I went with a premium shimmer finish on both cards to give them that magical glow, and the illusion that I just really have my life together. And I changed the colors so they were more my style.

Basic Invite x Custom Holiday Cards

If you aren’t sure what cards you want, you can even order a few custom samples. See what you think, fall in love with them, place your order, and voilà! Step 1 of Christmas prep is complete.

Use this code: Holi30 for 30% kff your order so you have some extra cash for all the shopping you’ll be doing.

Happy Holidays!!

xo, Ashlee

Basic Invite x Custom Holiday Cards