Monday Motivation Quotes by The Lifestyle Daily

Can we talk about how amazing this quote is?? Probably the best “Monday Motivation” quote I’ve seen.

I stumbled across it from this babe’s feed as I was perusing Instagram 5 minutes ago and thought it was just way too good not to share.

The past 6 weeks I have been feeling defeated, warn down, my lower back has been killing me, and I’ve just lost my drive to be creative.

I feel like my new business isn’t taking off like I had hoped even though I’m visualizing new clients, saying my affirmations, and trying to manifest tons of good vibes.

I remembered that I had this super magical book on Chakras, cracked it open this morning, and turned on some insanely relaxing music.

It’s so amazing to read about energies and how our Chakras can affect our moods, health, mind, & spirit. When your Chakra(s) are blocked, your entire system is affected resulting in: pain, lack of creativity or energy, fatigue, anger, depression.

Meditating and just kind of silencing yourself and figuring out what your body needs is the best way to create balance start living a more positive & happy life. (And of course eating healthy and exercise helps too)

A balanced life full of good vibes? Yes please!

I’m getting off on a tangent here, but basically, I’m going to start treating Mondays like “Myday” and spend it showing myself some much needed love. No work, no stressing about 1627272 things I need to do… Just meditating, making sure I’m balanced, and really setting a positive tone for the week.

Mondays have such a bad rep, but seeing this quote, listening to meditation music, and reading this magical book on energies, has inspired me to LOVE Mondays.

(Btw, who wants a full post on Chakras?)

Anyone else inspired to treat Mondays a little differently?? Lemme kno!

Xo, Ashlee