How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy: Takeaways from Cara Alwill Leyba

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I’m finally back!

Things have been a little crazy lately, so I haven’t really had time to sit down and blog, and then I decided the blog needed a little refresh, so the site was down for a few days…

Speaking of…

What do you think of the new site?! Hopefully you’re already as obsessed as I am with the new layout. I for sure wanted ALD to feel more like an experience when you visit it, and hopefully you get those beachy/feel-good vibes when you look at it too.

So in love.

Is that weird??

Anywho- after a busy weekend and a long week, I’m in need of a very chill, reset night.

Think: “Relax” and “Stress-Free” oils in my diffuser, candles, a book, and a little journaling.

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy

Which leads me to the topic of this good vibes post.

As some of you may or may not know, I have been seriously girl-crushing on Cara Alwill Leyba lately (remember this post on affirmations?). If you haven’t heard of her, head here or here, and I swear you’ll be just as obsessed as me.

Here’s a quick backstory:

I stumbled across the book Girl Code  few weeks ago (why the fuck I didn’t find it sooner, is beyond me), and the second I read the first sentence, I knew she would be my new fave. She’s a business/life coach, an author, a blogger, and just all around badass boss.

She just has this energy (I swear it radiates through the computer screen and from her books), that just leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed, inspired, and just freaking happy.

(Told ya I was girl-crushing).

Her Insta stories are my definite go-to when I’m feeling blah or sad or mad. They’re total mood changers. It’s crazy.

So today, I’ve decided to share my main takeaways from sweet Cara.

Because I know I am not the only one who struggles with being happy or being able to turn a shitty situation into a good one.

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy : Takeaways from Cara Alwill Leyba

Takeaway #1:

Stop making yourself available for negative people, situations, or energy. If you work with shitty people and it’s super difficult for you to remain positive throughout the day, you have to find something that you can do that’ll reset your mood. Go out to your car on your break and read or journal, or just take a walk. Make a list of all the things that make you happy and focus on that. Just don’t allow the negative Nancy’s around you to suck you into their bad attitudes. At night when you go home, light some candles, make some tea (or a glass of wine), and grab a good book. That always helps me! If you’re into saging, sage yourself and your space to allow postive energy to flow and wash away the negative.

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy : Takeaways from Cara Alwill Leyba

Takeaway #2:

Always make time for yourself! Even if it’s only 30 minutes at 10pm, do something you enjoy! For me: it’s reading or creating content and new projects, lighting a million candles and putting on a face mask. And every night, I make sure to journal or say affirmations to myself, write my goals for the week… Doing all those things really helps me to get my focus back and recharge. Especially after a crappy day, my mood instantly shifts when I start doing things for me and that I love. If you love cooking, working out, making crafts… whatever drives you and makes your vibe a happy one, make time to do those things.

Takeaway #3:

Find joy in the little things Cara posted something on Insta the other day that basically said: don’t let your goals lead you. Don’t get caught up in followers, revenue streams, or being the best. Let the little things drive you to keep going. Like, staring at the sky and the clouds, or listening to the waves crash at the beach, watching your dog stare for hours at the squirrels… you get it..  Taking a minute to really just appreciate what’s around you is a total mood-lifter.

Definitely recommend any of her 7 books to get your mind going, or Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, or even just a good fiction full of mystery or romance (my faves here and here).

How do you keep those postive vibes flowing??

Xo, A

How To Reset and Recharge That Good Energy : Takeaways from Cara Alwill Leyba

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