The health benefits of tea

The health benefits of tea

Let’s discuss tea shall we??

Let me start this post by saying that I am an avid coffee lover. I love sipping on it in the morning with my Silk almond milk creamer, and just feeling like I’ve really got my life together.

But lately, I’ve been obsessed with tea.
And (dare I say), may even love tea a little more than coffee.
*cringe emoji*

Before you want to punch me in the face for saying that something is better than coffee, hear me out.

Tea has a ton, I mean a ton of amazing health benefits.

Back story: research began about 4700 years ago in China by the Emperor Shennong. He discovered that drinking tea helped to treat several diseases and improve everyone’s overall health.

Kind of a no brainer to start sipping on a cup of this goodness at least once a day.

With so many different colors and types of tea, you kind of just have to taste several kinds to figure out which is your fave, but I’ve listed the main ones and their specific health benefits to help you choose.

The health benefits of tea

Tea Benefits

Black Tea:
+ Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure
+ Protects lungs
+ Manages Diabetes
+ Reduces the risk of strokes and kidney stones

Green Tea:
+ Prevents the clogging of arteries
+ Reduces cholesterol levels
+ Promotes healthy skin & prevents signs of aging
+ Improves brain function
+ Prevents Cancer
+ Burns calories

White Tea:
+Great for weight loss
+ Reduces risk of cancer
+ Protect against heart disease
+ Keeps your liver healthy
+ Promotes tooth health & clear skin
+ Reduces inflammation
+ Enhances memory

Herbal Tea:
+ Helps you sleep better
+ Remedy for nausea
+ Improves digestion and reduces inflammation
+ Cleans your kidneys

The health benefits of tea

I love love love peppermint tea (perfect for stomach pain or bloat), chamomile (amazing for bedtime), chai (always drinking an iced chai latte), matcha (energy boosting), and anything peach or vanilla flavored.

Try to mix and match different flavors to create the perfect blend and invest in a cute tea infuser so you can look legit as you sip on your tea.

Adding in fresh fruits is always a fun option as well or adding in honey and icing your tea is delish.

Infusing Options

+ Crushed raspberries in Green tea
+ Peaches in Black tea
+ Blending Matcha tea into your am smoothie
+ Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice in your Chai

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Share some of your fave tea recommendations below!

Off to finish Stranger Things (why did they only make 8 episodes?!?!), and sip on some green tea.


The health benefits of tea

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