Biz Advice From The Glitter Plan

I decided to re-read The Glitter Plan the other day to get my creative juices flowing once again, and stumbled across an amazing piece of advice:

The KFC Theory Is Not Just For Chicken. Do One Thing & Do It Well.

If you can’t find the thing you want, go out there and create it. Find what’s missing in the world and do whatever you can to make it a reality.

Start a new business or design a new product. There’s a ton of things in this world just waiting to be created.

The Juicy babes felt that a comfortable, yet fitted tee was lacking in the industry, so they worked their asses off combing through fabrics, washing them to test shrinkage, choosing the perfect colors.. And in the end, they not only cultivated the perfect tee, but also a brand with a funky, SoCal vibe, in a time of fashion that was a tad bit stuffy.

Which brings another good point- don’t ever doubt your idea because it may not “fit in” with the current times. Think of it as being.. ahead of the times. Your idea could be the start of something great and if you wait, someone else could create it and you’ll be hating yourself for not just doing it.

Think of an app you wish was out there that would make everyday tasks easier, or a new product that could help people or animals, think of a clothing item that is universal. I saw a commercial for a girl who designed coats that turn can turn into sleeping bags or tents, but still look chic as fuck. If that’s not a great idea, idk what is.

Pam & Gela suggest figuring out what your 4 word mantra will be that will define everything you do in your business and go from there.

I’ll give you mine as an example: Beachy, Fun, Inspiring, Free.

Everthing from the blog to an upcoming project (that I AM SO INSANELY EXCITED TO SHARE), to evolving A Lifestyle Daily into a full on brand, revolves around those 4 words.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s still all constantly a work in progress, but when I’m creating a post, or graphics, I think of those 4 words and make sure that everything fits into those categories.

And speaking of creating – as I mentioned above, something is launching in January and I cannot wait to share all the deets. It’s something that I hope will help fellow aspiring or current entrepreneurs find/hone in on their passions, while getting a little bit of that beachy-fun flair. A  Lifestyle Guide for Creatives, if you will.

Stay tuned for more, but I promise you will love it.

Alright I’m off!

xoxo, Babes!