Hey Hey Hey!

What’s been up wth everyone?? I know I have been beyond MIA lately (insert cringe-emoji at the fact that it’s been 4 months).

I’ve been super busy and just crazy uninspired, so I decided to take a mini break so I could refocus.

The blog has had a complete makeover, I started a new TLD Facebook Group yesterday, and I am ready to jump back in the blogging game.

Real quick, the TLD Facebook group: I’ve been wanting to start this group for a while, but with me being not so active on here, didn’t really think it was the right time. Now, here we are, so the group finally launched. Think of it as your space to interact with babes everywhere and get the latest beauty & style tips, ways to spread the planet love, and just “hang out” virtually with some new people. Feel free to invite your girlfriends and let’s all chat!

Ok, back to the topic of this post. As I mentioned above, I was feeling super uninspired to write or take pics, but I’ve been reading A LOT, and my creative mojo has once again come back to me.

Anyone feeling/has felt like me, this list is for you!

The Lifestyle Daily Book Club: For The Uninspired

The Lifestyle Daily: Book Club; Stripped Cara Alwill Leyva, Crushing It! Gary Vee, Eat Pretty

  1. Eat Pretty: Believe it or not, what you eat, has a HUGE impact on the way you feel. I definitely think that the way I’ve been eating (hello chips & salsa for every meal), has not helped my brain get the ideas flowing. I’ve been reading this book and am starting to really change my eating habits this week & going forward. So, if your brain is in a fog, look at your lifestyle and make some positive changes. I’m starting a 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge in the next two weeks, so if you’re interested in joining me so we can all motivate each other, let me know below & and I’ll keep you posted on the deets!
  2. Stripped: This book is by one of my fave badass girl bosses (she was in The Lifestyle Daily Magazine), and this book never disappoints when it comes to needing a little inspo. It’s a collection of poems, but each one was written to just really remind you how amazing you are.
  3. Heartless: I love all my biz books, but fiction is always my go-to. Reading a fiction book at least once a month, keeps your mind fresh & your imagination working (in my opinion). I got this one for Christmas and am obsessed! The perfect mix of fantasy (yes, it’s Alice in Wonderland for adults), and mystery.
  4. Crushing it!: Gary Vee is just a badass and every time I read 2 pages of any of his books, I’m instantly back on fire and ready to “crush it”.

A few other ways to get your mind going: work out! I work from home, so it’s honestly super easy for me to just sit in my pajamas all day on the couch, and before I know it, its 8pm and I’ve done nothing. I’m making it a point to change up my routine and work out everyday & get of the house to work.
Journaling is also amazing for me. If my mind has 2361823 thoughts, getting them out on paper helps me to focus my energy where it needs to be.

What’s on your bookshelf and what do I need to check out next??

Chat soon,

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