It’s been a minute since I’ve hopped on here!

I keep going through these spurts where I am just crazy uninspired, don’t know what to say or write, and 99% of the time, it’s because I am overthinking it.

I literally will rack my brain so much about the “perfect blog post” and what I should share, that I end up getting burnt out before I’ve even done anything and just give up.

The struggle.

Anywho, I was scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest and just came across images and quotes that reignited the little blogging bug and figured I would share them all here.


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The Lifestyle Daily: Beachy, eco-friendly blog| PC |

Ok, these spaces are ultimate #Goals. Every year around this time, I always get the itch to completely make over my entire house and this photo is giving me all the feels. The perfect combo of beachy/boho. If you have a favorite spot to snag affordable boho-chic decor and furniture, lemme know!


The Lifestyle Daily: Beachy, eco-friendly blog

If you needed this reminder today, here it is. Even if you didn’t, here it is. I definitely needed it. I am the QUEEN of excuses or negative phrases: “I can’t afford that”, “I wish I had money to move”, “one day I’ll get my dream house”…. you guys, even uttering these words are fucking mood & vibration killers.
If you want something, hustle and make it happen. Stop wasting time “wishing” for things to happen. Be like Nike and just “do it”. K?

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I feel like this quote says it all.


The Lifestyle Daily: Beachy, eco-friendly blog| PC |

One of my goals this year is to seriously get my shit together when it comes to eating better & consistently working out. I LOVE this book & just ordered this journal so I can stay on track. It’s so crazy how much more glowy and beautiful you look and feel when you actually feed your body good things.

The Lifestyle Daily: Beachy, eco-friendly blog| PC |

I just started this book today, but am already loving the message. Fave quote so far : “Understanding that you choose your own happiness, that you have control of your own life, is so important”. We can choose to go on a different path if we aren’t loving the one we’re currently one. We can all remove toxic people/situations from our lives. We aren’t stuck. If you aren’t happy, make a change. It won’t happen overnight, but start making steps to find you’re happy.

What’s inspiring you lately? Share belowwwwwwww!

Off to enjoy the first 75 degree day we’ve had in months! BYEEEE

x, Ashlee